Rejected by luck, accepted by life

They have traveled far away from their place. Different images of nature have replaced those of gunpowder smokes. Instead, the only grey they could see was that That cloudy, moody sky, that hasn’t changed too much since last week. Raindrops kept falling on our heads and our only way of protection were those feeble branches with few leaves still hanging from their edges. Our supplies have finished and the only sign of water could be found down to the river, but its freshness was questioned.

Nobody knew those places, not even an inch, not by coming for a holiday trip in the past. Some postcards with beautiful sunsets and idyllic beaches, tourists, adults and kids, relaxing as the waves were caressing their feet. On the contrary, they haven’t got those feelings so far, except dirt, mud and dust as their daily and sole partners.

“Mama, my stomach aches and can’t walk for now. I’m hungry and my mouth is dry” cried out loud a little boy, about six to seven years old “when are we going to arrive? are we close?”.

A gentle, slim figure of a twenty – something woman bent on the little boy. She stroke his head lovingly and left a dim smile to appear on her face. She couldn’t allow her exhaustion to affect her fondess. From her characteristics somebody could distinguish her fatigue all over her figure. A face covered with mud and few scars, her clothes with holes that were tried to be covered roughly and her hands injured and dried by the wind and drought.

“We are almost there my love” she replied “I know that you have made a great effort until now but you have to be patient for a while. We are almost there”.

“And where are we going to stay? Do we have a home in that place we are heading?”

She tried to hold herself, no tears should appear on her face. Keeping calm was one of her major role that she had to play. If not she, then who could do it?

“Yes my little boy. You will see, everything will be good again.” she said without even believing her own words “Mum will provide you with everything and you are not going to miss a thing!”.

She grabbed him from his waist and raised him on her arms. Even though some days have passed with only one meal for the whole time, from the daylight to the night, and her son has lost weight as she also, her arms didn’t feel so weak. Only her power of will was enough to continue their way.

Her head turned again to the river. Across their way, the other place they had to reach.  She could direct her gaze to the moving water, as the wind was blowing, dragging liquid and solid elements together and rain has joined his party again.

But they had to move on. Somebody, somewhere across that place was waiting. For those newcomers. For those “outcast of luck”, longing for that clear sky, crystal sea, bright future.


As I captured the scenery in this photo, different stories came to my head. My last choice was that little glimpse of light inside this blackness one can find. And I admire those people that never surrender.



A place we call home

Let’s travel to the Southeast of Europe, a country surrounded by sea and islands. And up to the north, the second biggest city. Welcome to Thessaloniki in Greece!

The Seafront of the city (one of the biggest in Europe)

Another part of the Seafront during the Annual Book Fair of Thessaloniki

Major part of the city centre

During a windy day

The second port of Kalamaria

Last but not least – White Tower, the symbol of the city

That is how I could describe the Local life in the city

Daily drops vs Sunny wind: the dilemma of immigrant youth

As I booked my airplane ticket to return, I took a breath and stole a moment for silence. No anxiety, no worries, no talking in my head. Just, emptiness, entire black in my rainbow painted mind. This ticket was not only the way back to my beginning. It was the result of overnight talks, wanderings in the street of London along with cans of beer to quench our thirst. Why, when and what were some major things that needed to be answered.

“Why do you have to go back? Things are far worse than ever back in homeland?” my friend used to tell me.

“Because things could change from a year to the other. Also I need to go back, watch the sea, breath fresh air, relax, and ease my mind.”

“When do you plan to come back? Time is valuable and you are getting older and older, you are never going to get it back.”

“It might be because of all this pressure, it could be the result of endless attempts to get used to the way of life in North England. But I have to considered it well if I want to persuade a life away from sun and, obviously, the approach of life. Life at its fullest means doing what thrills you”.

“What could you possibly do better there? In three months that you will feel better after the completion of your studies you should better be here, to seek, to hunt for a job, a house, a better place to be”.


That was the time I got myself in a double proposition situation. Dilemma, better say, divided my thoughts about my present and the not so far future. What could I possibly make better here than there? Better during the rainy days than the sunny and warm mornings?

And suddenly, I heard rain drops falling on my window to wake me up from my dreaming. The pc screen indicated than everything was ready. I had to fly and fight back home.

How I imagine you every sunset

Lost in the colourful sky as the sun sets away to the sea,  a mesmerizing view of a rainbow that is gonna give its turn to the upcoming night. Until the next morning.