Rejected by luck, accepted by life

They have traveled far away from their place. Different images of nature have replaced those of gunpowder smokes. Instead, the only grey they could see was that That cloudy, moody sky, that hasn’t changed too much since last week. Raindrops kept falling on our heads and our only way of protection were those feeble branches with few leaves still hanging from their edges. Our supplies have finished and the only sign of water could be found down to the river, but its freshness was questioned.

Nobody knew those places, not even an inch, not by coming for a holiday trip in the past. Some postcards with beautiful sunsets and idyllic beaches, tourists, adults and kids, relaxing as the waves were caressing their feet. On the contrary, they haven’t got those feelings so far, except dirt, mud and dust as their daily and sole partners.

“Mama, my stomach aches and can’t walk for now. I’m hungry and my mouth is dry” cried out loud a little boy, about six to seven years old “when are we going to arrive? are we close?”.

A gentle, slim figure of a twenty – something woman bent on the little boy. She stroke his head lovingly and left a dim smile to appear on her face. She couldn’t allow her exhaustion to affect her fondess. From her characteristics somebody could distinguish her fatigue all over her figure. A face covered with mud and few scars, her clothes with holes that were tried to be covered roughly and her hands injured and dried by the wind and drought.

“We are almost there my love” she replied “I know that you have made a great effort until now but you have to be patient for a while. We are almost there”.

“And where are we going to stay? Do we have a home in that place we are heading?”

She tried to hold herself, no tears should appear on her face. Keeping calm was one of her major role that she had to play. If not she, then who could do it?

“Yes my little boy. You will see, everything will be good again.” she said without even believing her own words “Mum will provide you with everything and you are not going to miss a thing!”.

She grabbed him from his waist and raised him on her arms. Even though some days have passed with only one meal for the whole time, from the daylight to the night, and her son has lost weight as she also, her arms didn’t feel so weak. Only her power of will was enough to continue their way.

Her head turned again to the river. Across their way, the other place they had to reach.  She could direct her gaze to the moving water, as the wind was blowing, dragging liquid and solid elements together and rain has joined his party again.

But they had to move on. Somebody, somewhere across that place was waiting. For those newcomers. For those “outcast of luck”, longing for that clear sky, crystal sea, bright future.


As I captured the scenery in this photo, different stories came to my head. My last choice was that little glimpse of light inside this blackness one can find. And I admire those people that never surrender.



It’s time

“What will you like me to bring to you?” he asked Marianne while his eyes were gazing the view from the hill.

She puffed and blew before her answer as those words were their final goodbye.

“Only you, safe, that’s what matters” replied with a low voice.

They could see from above the boat approaching the harbor with the old crew ready to offer their places to the new blood. Kohen was one of them, still in the spring of his youth that decided to give up the life on the stable surface for the liquid element that has taken many to its arms: sea.

“Do that for me” said as he stood up “close your eyes and sing the song I was playing in the streets of Amsterdam when we first met. Remember it, right?”

She placed her palms on her face whilst her lips were whispering “… it’s time that we began to laugh and cry…” and Kohen disappeared walking down the pathway of the hill.

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, where we write a short story between 100 and 150 words (plus 25 words sometimes) in length. The photo above for the prompt was provided by Footy and Foodie.

Yellow in the smoke

The sky was cloudy as usual, turns of grey and light sun could be distinguished. It didn’t need too much time for it to wear the rainy dress and to quench the streets and roads of the city with raindrops all over.

He opened his yellow umbrella, big enough to cover himself and to not get wet. With a colour like that, his figure was the only one among the other dark and shady umbrellas that wanted to be one with the moody weather. Even though he didn’t have any other piece of garment with the same colouration,  he loved wandering around with his black coat and the yellow umbrella. This  object could produce different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object emitted the light.

He wasn’t furious enough to escape the storm that was coming, but he seemed to welcome it without hesitation. As a man of his kind, he had a reputation for sailing close to the wind with his actions. Dealing with people of any kind, causing trouble around, was regarded his favourite hobby. Especially when he wanted to amaze the opposite sex.

His right hand moved to his pocket, from where he got a small cigar, put it in his mouth and then again he light it with a red lighter until its edge was burned. Smoke came out from his nostrils, caressing his lips. That could only calm him before the storm. Not the one that was about to bucket down, but only when he will appear inside that little pub, full of drunken youngsters that have light fingers, with no other thoughts for their life, except the moments they could get a second bite at the cherry.

Until the lull before the storm, that was coming inside the place, under the protection of a yellow umbrella, two sparkling eyes within the smoke.

A face to remember

I entered the house as I unlocked the entrance of my place. No speaking sounds could be heard, even though I could see that everybody was there, from my father to my youngest cousin. Some were sitting on sofas, other to the couch, less will be standing, looking up to the ceiling or turned their heads as they heard the key. I still remember that day.

My dream was interrupted by sounds coming from the kitchen. I opened my eyes and I checked the time, only to find that it was still seven o’ clock in the morning. It was my preparation period for the entrance exams and usually my anxiety didn’t leave me to sleep properly, but I wasn’t planning to get up early. I dressed myself with a blouze I found hanging on my chair and I went to the bigger room to answer my questions about this puzzle.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked “why are you gathered in here to chat early this Saturday morning?”

They heard me and they stopped. No further discussions or any other comments to my question. Only one phrase to easy my curiosity: “do not focus on what we were talking, you have to study, it is Urgent to finish and be ready for your exams. That’s a lifetime chance!”
Later, I will find that you had an accident in the hospital, your nurses were not responsible enough for you, that your eyes have closed and you might not open that again.

The next week, I will follow a routine plan to get along with another anxiety, except this of my examinations: you, still “sleeping” in the hospital, while my cousins were visiting you only to touch your hand, still warm sometimes, in order to feel close to you. Remember that you were talking about your future departure and I was making fun of you? Until you decided to leave forever from this place.


Now, everybody were waiting for me. With a candle on our hands, with our face depressed from sadness. As we wish to remember  and cherish you forever. As we do not want to forget, as we want a face to remember.


Holding the ticket on my right hand and the bag on my back, I stepped in the airplane. I might be one of the lucky that could fly each month to a place. But it has been some time since the last trip,primarly for leisure. And so it begun…!

The first surprise came with the cold wind.Great change I might say from the 29° Celcium in the South to the 7° Celcium of Budapest.Thankfully I was well prepared and my coat kept me warm as I looked for the way to the place that was going to be my base for the next days.In contrast with the underground metro, this of Budapest seemed quite old and the”mind the gap” sound-trademark was missing.

As I found my apartment and made myself comfortable, I took a walk by the river. Sun was down and afternoon just passed by for a short time until the night was there and…  I was in front of the House of the Parliament.

The lights around this magnificent building reveal  its beauty and the details of the architecture that went through both World Wars and still catches the eye of each visitor after more than a century.

Next day, despite the rain, got my umbrella and went for  a walk tour around the historic city centre of Budapest. Different buildings were standing some meters above from my head, with tourists at times posing for photographs (sometimes a little bit too much creativity for their pose).

Not so far from the Chain Bridge, one of the oldest and biggest bridges in Europe,  with lions guarding its entrances, the basilica of St. Stephen’s could be viewed, standing with majesty and greatness. Similar characteristics could be found in the interior, where people from different countries were amazed with the design and the marble sculptures that could be found in different corners inside the church.

Next morning, the Buda part was in the program. Starting from the Margarita’s island, passed from different districts and houses that didn’t lack in anything to the Pest side. But nobody should miss the old city among the walls with the Fishermen’s bastion, the Mattias’ church and the view from the Buda’s castle. And so didn’t I.

The last day before the return was more relaxing since it was spent almost all in the Budapest Zoo. A common visitor could admire from ducks and deer to anacondas,armadillo, lions and elephants.The only thing is that I felt a little bit for those big animals stuck in places that will never be a proper substitute of their natural environment. Gorillas seemed more lucky though.

Leaving Budapest and after an enjoyable trip in another country I realised how I missed travelling outside from my homeland, despite the fact that I was living abroad for a while. Wanderlust = the  desire to travel, this word just describes me without any other description. This city has captured me and I might be back in Budapest one day, one out of other Promises.

Farewell Budapest.

One year ago…

Well, it’s been almost a week since I came back, having finished with all my duties as a “grown up scientist” in another land full of prosperity. And now, I am lucky enough to enjoy my freedom while my anxiety about “what’s next” tries to overcome. But look where I was a year ago.

One year ago… I didn’t have a clue where I will be, how my life might change, what kind of chances might come on my way. For sure, life never comes with a certain plan, even if you try hard, right? That also makes it beautiful and enjoyble, with its ups and down, smiles and cries, the falls but the stand ups.


One year ago… The use of another language in my daily routine seemed mostly an enterttaining though, but also pretty intensive, I might say. You see, confronting people and making friendly relationships with fellas from a different country than the one you lived in most of your life until now, shall push you forward to your personal growth. Going out, university tasks, programm managing, following different daily habits wasn’t always an easy task. At least, in the beginning.

One year ago… I was  a grown up with a childish mind (well hidden at the most) which during this period faced challenges different from the one he was used to.

One year….Here and Now. The sun is shinning bright over another island in Greece.People going around with their luggages, rollers making noises as they are being crawled around the gates. I, having my bags close to my seat, observe the sun shining over the blue of Aegean sea. London is way back this time. This one year has changed me forever and I will keep on getting better day by day.


Together at a distance (chit chat away)

First approach. No glimpse, just a shy “Hello, my name is…”. Noone can guess how this could be changed and followed. Shake your hands, smile for a while and maybe catch up again in the process of the night.
Wait! Did you meet in the morning or it was time for lunch?
Feel bad when I can not remember those tiny details. In other instances, regardless the period of time that might has passed, memories come back and all of sudden, my partial history, rewinded, plays back again.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the time I met you dear!
It took some months, several messages and friendly discussions to dive into your ego.
Until the day.


Since, we’ve been living with each other online messages, sent photographs, Skype calls in the night, trying to decipher our daily routine whatsoever. And it’s been a long time until now, the time I came back, you left for a while. Changing seats, following similar roles. But we kept that “Together at a distance”. For how long… let our fantasy choose for us.

(My first attempt to Daily Prompt)