Words with a cup

Do you prefer coffee or tea? The one with flavour or the common but  with pure aroma? Maybe a juice to taste the scents of different fruits? Or are you a particular fan of sparkling water?

But I would like to take you out for a while, to a coffee shop close to the sea, since my city offers a lot of spots for discussions where the waves curl over and dissolve into foam. No loud musical playing on the background, only voices chattering for old and new, good hopefully, untold news.

If we were having coffee right now, you could have seen a grownup adult. Well, I have my moments from time to time, you know how it goes. Better age outside and keep an inner self that think a bit childish and younger than its age, the opposite might not end up well.

If we were having coffee right now, I could tell about my university years, how time passed so fast, and today you could have found me with a bachelor and a master, ready to conquer the world, as I first imagined. Nothing could be taken for granted and nothing is impossible, but need courage and strong will to achieve.

If were having coffee right now, I would have brought my laptop with me. You can’t imagine how many photos I might have in different albums from places you haven’t visited before. Of course, there are still countries and cities I’d love to visit but we could make a start before there will be too many of them.

If we were having coffee right now, I could share with you my dreams and fears, especially the last one. What are my chances in here, how could I move on or leave for the unknown and fight as long as I stand. The excitement tries to balance with my deep concerns about the future I imagine and with who I long, you might say.

If we were having coffee right now, I would probably leave you to speak more than I used to. They keep telling me that I prefer to discuss about personal matters, stealing the spotlight without giving your talking partner the chance to respond or even change to another subject he/she might prefer more. But in our coffee meeting, I could shut my mouth for a while and listen to you. And you know, everything will be on me!

∗The idea was taken from three different blogs, those of Jessica, Amber and Kate . Thank you for the inspiration and I could only admire the work they have done with their blogs! And as they may say, what would like to share if you were having coffee right now with somebody you miss?



Pencil, pen, where and when

Brewed coffee in a lot, jazz playing on the background and nobody around to interupt, a cozy feeling that could trigger a beginning. The start of that story, with the following paragraphs deciphering the mystery that was left luring until that time.

An ideal atmosphere, don’t you think? As it should be, since writers need that space to explore their inner thoughts and fantasies. Many of them might work in the night or luring those early mornings when most of us are still sleeping, if not yawning. Others prefer the presence of human beings around them, their company along with those coffee noises.

But personally, I can’t survive in the silence neither in coffee shops. I have found myself writing while I’m in the bus, talking by the sea or among people being in a hurry. Images that come and go as I am on the move, could be proved to be the perfect piece for each story puzzle I want to talk about.

You may be at work, going back home, fooling around with friends in a cafe, while you are reading those sentences. Take a look around you. Can you see those fella over the window, the other one in a state of almost sleep, somebody else playing with their mobile phone? Each one has a story inside that we can also imagine. Those pictures are my daily doses of inspiration. And all I need is to move my footsteps out to the world.

Let the desk in my home be the last place for writing, only for final editing and only when the weather doesn’t favour me.

So, which is your favourite place to write?
And what would you like me to write about next?


The cause of my writing

Since I tried to write my first essay in school and I read my first book (without images at all), I was dreaming about myself as the name author on the front page of many books, just that I could have imagine the main idea of story that could be lost inside white pages turning into words with general meaning and get you deep in another world from time to time.

I grew up, tried to write short stories, sometimes even tried with poems (for which I am still shy to even show to other people) that have got even some comments, either of approval and less frequently of disapproval (could say I was lucky or the people reading them were trying to be less mean?). But those were only in my first language, which is not English

It has been almost a month (well, and some days in addition) since I decided to entered the blogging world, in an attempt to write in another language than my first one. For someone coming from a country with no latin characters in its alphabet could be quite tough, especially when this “somebody” tries to express himself with more than the basic words and phrases (think so).

But it is not only the belief that I could survive in the blogging english writing (and mostly speaking) world but also hunger for expression to a wider angle of this world, not only within the limits of my community, my city or my country. I spend a year in another country, with a daily life way different from the one I used to have. And when I returned, me, myself and I were also changed from the experience that we got. So, without more babbling in that, getting more experience and probably feedback, which is welcome at any time, might straighten my mental road than it is still with flip and flops, turnings and uneven grounds.

So, in conclusion, I write because… it can keep myself healthy inside, gather my thoughts from the chaos of daily routine or even procrastination in an order. Writing has led me to my  Transformation besides my downfalls as a person, as a personality in the total.

When nothing could enter without my permission in my mind palace, I could just focus to the words, a story, sentence with a proper or even insane meaning that only can be translated in my head. From a common image in a trip with the bus to a movie about a creatures that have also existed in the human mind… or maybe not?