A place we call home

Let’s travel to the Southeast of Europe, a country surrounded by sea and islands. And up to the north, the second biggest city. Welcome to Thessaloniki in Greece!

The Seafront of the city (one of the biggest in Europe)

Another part of the Seafront during the Annual Book Fair of Thessaloniki

Major part of the city centre

During a windy day

The second port of Kalamaria

Last but not least – White Tower, the symbol of the city

That is how I could describe the Local life in the city


Through the passage

Imagine  yourself walking through this Facade straight way, each day, while sun and sea are your daily partners.

How I imagine you every sunset

Lost in the colourful sky as the sun sets away to the sea,  a mesmerizing view of a rainbow that is gonna give its turn to the upcoming night. Until the next morning.