First double zero

Today I opened
my application on my smartphone, just to read the news and maybe get notifications for emails I was waiting for. So, along with my daily news, this image came up.

I tried to count backwards to the very first day of my writing routine and how I got here in almost a month and some days. For someone, this number could not be worth mentioning, but it is the beginning of the next level for me. As for that, I would like sincerely to thank each blogger and reader that gave it a try to my posts and also found it interesting enough to eveneave a comment! I will do my best for more.


Facebook group – You are welcome!

So, it’s been almost a month since I entered the dark alley of blogging and I believe I am getting more and more of… or better say getting better?!
I decided to update my space by designing a facebook group for anyone that would like (please dear follower) to have updates once in a while on his Home page on Facebook! You can find it by clicking on the link provided  🙂

Group to Like