Believe me when I’m saying…

I’m stuck. My mind doesn’t work as I wanted to be and I feel that I have lost my way. Plans about getting that job in the future seems unreachable. How, when, should I, can I, would I…. questions , simple as that, wander inside my head.

I’m stuck, I told you. At first, I thought it was easy, to do this and that, and follow the rules. The rules. But life does not go with the flow, cooperate with your present to fulfill each one’s dreams. It’s funny saying this when you reach your mid 20s and you feel like your time has been wasted to things, once important but nowdays seem more than meaningless to you.

One day I wanted to make my own bucket list, like traveling there, doing this, completing that certain level in my life. I grabbed my computed for my own comfort and wrote down what I would like to do by the end of that year, how I believe my life should or may roll on until I got 30. To be honest, I have almost forgot where I have saved that document, so I decided to revise my expectancies once more, before applying it to the time – shelve.

I’m stuck but I still have faith and I wonder. That one day, I would be reading those words without despair about who am I and where I am going. Ah and also, I would have published my own book. Yes, one with a proper title and my name on it. And if I could be better in English, you may come across it one day.



Make a wish and throw your cares to the wind

What triggers what we want, what we long for, what we desire?

Will it come with the light of a morning sun, a moment of irrisistable fun, or possibly with a smile?

My first wish  when I was a child was to play all time around, later I’ve seen that, except it was impossible, more things might bring me joy. I learnt to read, to draw, to write and once I was seven years old I decided that I might fulfill the same wish I keep replying until today, to write a damn book, good enough to make me proud and hopefully the ones that could read it.

But I learnt the hard way that what you Desire, even it is human, thing, or non material, would not be yours without action. Because action will lead you to that success you dreamed once in a while, but your daily routine,inner thoughts and abscence of motivation keep you off the track.