What’s more to come (or else New year, New me stuff)

Did you count backwards the end of this year until the midnight and the 1st second of 2017? Did you remember to kiss each one of your family members, your closest friends, your partner (if you are lucky enough)?

And now that this New Year has come, would you start planning for that great trip you always wish to go but something (not so problematic) might change your thoughts? The gym, yes, that one down the corner of your street that seems pretty nice for that start into transforming that mumble chuble body of yours! What keeps you from starting?

Yeah I know, that girl you constantly have on your mind and you may never talk to her because you always hope but never bet? Guess what, nobody know what’s coming next (well, except of me, I mentioned you the consequences but you seemed stubborn so… That’s life!).

Chase and catch flights, buses, trains and not people! You can avoid the loneliness, but nobody learns anything without stay for a while in solitude, to get that feel of independence over themselves. And the time will come that you will appreciate the value of friendship and love.

Be responsible and acceptable with your past. What you have made the year before that can be counted as a mistake, probably it is time to avoid it, don’t you think? Do not just stand in front of that shinny mirror of your room, staring at your image and hoping that things might change. Do that damn thing you always wish for!

You can get lost with how many common New Year’s thoughts for that ego -me changing that devour us each passing 360 days you can find. But I would probably stick with mine since that’s what you came up for in here, right?


I, the boy in mind,the man on the image, intend to read more by this year, in order to absorb more information about the world around me and the other universes that may inside the writers’ heads. But nothing could come without letting the pen (or the keyboard) write freely those late nights when images and fantasies could invade the inside of my mine easily.

New posts might not come easily and on time this period. Duty calls and free time might be less (for sure, less in from of a computer I guess). But, as aformentioned in previous posts, life is full of surprises. That post might be my constant reminder throughout this year.

So, what are you up to this year? Is that change on the calendar the first step for a better self? And the most important resolution: stop lying to yourself and do those lifestyle changes! Because, it’s never too late for these!




One thought on “What’s more to come (or else New year, New me stuff)

  1. well, now you made me realise that I don’t make those new year’s resolutions anymore😁 instead I try to feel what is coming, what will happen🙂


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