It’s time

“What will you like me to bring to you?” he asked Marianne while his eyes were gazing the view from the hill.

She puffed and blew before her answer as those words were their final goodbye.

“Only you, safe, that’s what matters” replied with a low voice.

They could see from above the boat approaching the harbor with the old crew ready to offer their places to the new blood. Kohen was one of them, still in the spring of his youth that decided to give up the life on the stable surface for the liquid element that has taken many to its arms: sea.

“Do that for me” said as he stood up “close your eyes and sing the song I was playing in the streets of Amsterdam when we first met. Remember it, right?”

She placed her palms on her face whilst her lips were whispering “… it’s time that we began to laugh and cry…” and Kohen disappeared walking down the pathway of the hill.

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, where we write a short story between 100 and 150 words (plus 25 words sometimes) in length. The photo above for the prompt was provided by Footy and Foodie.


First double zero

Today I opened
my application on my smartphone, just to read the news and maybe get notifications for emails I was waiting for. So, along with my daily news, this image came up.

I tried to count backwards to the very first day of my writing routine and how I got here in almost a month and some days. For someone, this number could not be worth mentioning, but it is the beginning of the next level for me. As for that, I would like sincerely to thank each blogger and reader that gave it a try to my posts and also found it interesting enough to eveneave a comment! I will do my best for more.