Where the wind sings by

The view from above was always a thing that could trigger my enthusiasm because of the memorable depiction of the world in either smaller pieces as also the sense of freedom. Since I got older, taking the aeroplane to get somewhere was a common activity for me. But since  I couldn’t fly on a daily basis, my time was usually spent on bridges.


If someone seeks for my face in pictures from my past, might find me hanging around small or big bridges, made from a variety of material, different colourations and some of them might have a great story to tell. I still remember the last one from Budapest (well, at least one of the many), probably one of the biggest in Europe, named Chain Bridge. It was destroyed almost completely and was built up again for the people to use and admire. Or the Tower Bridge in London with those Giant towers, that could still catch the eye both of a citizen and a tourist.

Now, imagine that you are on a bridge,  this one that cars pass by, down from where you are standing. The wind blows your face as you look at the horizon and the sun has set up to sky, evening of a familiar autumn is close but it is not so cold for you to just wear a sweater with no jacket. And, at that very moment, you could feel and breath, inhaling and exhaling, “happiness and relief”.

3 thoughts on “Where the wind sings by

  1. I wonder, have you ever been to Prague? The Charles bridge there is fantastic. I really enjoyed this little piece. The last paragraph is very poetic.

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