Yellow in the smoke

The sky was cloudy as usual, turns of grey and light sun could be distinguished. It didn’t need too much time for it to wear the rainy dress and to quench the streets and roads of the city with raindrops all over.

He opened his yellow umbrella, big enough to cover himself and to not get wet. With a colour like that, his figure was the only one among the other dark and shady umbrellas that wanted to be one with the moody weather. Even though he didn’t have any other piece of garment with the same colouration,  he loved wandering around with his black coat and the yellow umbrella. This  object could produce different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object emitted the light.

He wasn’t furious enough to escape the storm that was coming, but he seemed to welcome it without hesitation. As a man of his kind, he had a reputation for sailing close to the wind with his actions. Dealing with people of any kind, causing trouble around, was regarded his favourite hobby. Especially when he wanted to amaze the opposite sex.

His right hand moved to his pocket, from where he got a small cigar, put it in his mouth and then again he light it with a red lighter until its edge was burned. Smoke came out from his nostrils, caressing his lips. That could only calm him before the storm. Not the one that was about to bucket down, but only when he will appear inside that little pub, full of drunken youngsters that have light fingers, with no other thoughts for their life, except the moments they could get a second bite at the cherry.

Until the lull before the storm, that was coming inside the place, under the protection of a yellow umbrella, two sparkling eyes within the smoke.

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