A face to remember

I entered the house as I unlocked the entrance of my place. No speaking sounds could be heard, even though I could see that everybody was there, from my father to my youngest cousin. Some were sitting on sofas, other to the couch, less will be standing, looking up to the ceiling or turned their heads as they heard the key. I still remember that day.

My dream was interrupted by sounds coming from the kitchen. I opened my eyes and I checked the time, only to find that it was still seven o’ clock in the morning. It was my preparation period for the entrance exams and usually my anxiety didn’t leave me to sleep properly, but I wasn’t planning to get up early. I dressed myself with a blouze I found hanging on my chair and I went to the bigger room to answer my questions about this puzzle.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked “why are you gathered in here to chat early this Saturday morning?”

They heard me and they stopped. No further discussions or any other comments to my question. Only one phrase to easy my curiosity: “do not focus on what we were talking, you have to study, it is Urgent to finish and be ready for your exams. That’s a lifetime chance!”
Later, I will find that you had an accident in the hospital, your nurses were not responsible enough for you, that your eyes have closed and you might not open that again.

The next week, I will follow a routine plan to get along with another anxiety, except this of my examinations: you, still “sleeping” in the hospital, while my cousins were visiting you only to touch your hand, still warm sometimes, in order to feel close to you. Remember that you were talking about your future departure and I was making fun of you? Until you decided to leave forever from this place.


Now, everybody were waiting for me. With a candle on our hands, with our face depressed from sadness. As we wish to remember  and cherish you forever. As we do not want to forget, as we want a face to remember.

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