From the cape to the pipe

One of my favourite games when I was a kid, was to play a role of different hero. Doesn’t matter their powers, as long as I didn’t have to be Superman. For some kind of reason, I did not feel that much respect about the Man of Steel, this overpower formation did not feel right to my personality.

On the contrary, I was fond of characters with less power but greater will and a curious mind of a detective. Batman came to fill the missing place at first. The dark and mysterious creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger was revealed to my childish eyes from the 90s animated TV show. I can still remember myself  watching one of the most well-known comic book hero with no super powers, as they used to say, but with great detective abilities, fight the crime. Didn’t need to much to persuade my mother to buy me a cheap costume of Batman, that ended with me dressed up more like a cat and less than a bat.That didn’t stop me from expedition from time to time in the neighbour’s garage, who didn’t seem right to me, until he moved to another city. I might have managed to find the truth but he got away right on time.

Spiderman was another hero, less dark and more humorous even the field of battle, but again with a sharp mind. That geek who was offered the gift to climb on walls and got a fit body for free,resulted in another greater ambition in my life. Unfortunatelly, I had some problems with wall crawling but I hoped that I could get lucky as he was. I even tried to like spiders, still remember writing in school notebooks how cool animals are. That’s how much I tried.


And from the years of immaturity,  Sherlock Holmes came during my golden years in university. I know, most teenagers get the chance to explore the detective of Sir Arthur Conal Doyle very early, especially with the story of “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. I decided to start reading each piece of his adventures before the successful bang of the series “Sherlock” that made my love about the characted stronger.

When finally, we come to nowdays.Away from university and being a youngster, I still find my self wondering about what MY powers might be. Hours and hours in the gym haven’t given me Batman’s  and Spiderman’s symmetrical body. Hope I obtain some experience  But I know that I do not need to Pretend to be somebody else.That was just the begginning of something special, even though it might not be designed and depicted in a comic book.

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