Fearless in the joy

Dear myself,

after another demanding period  in my life,  I could surely agree with the fact that,  we, specifically young people tend to underestimate our personal strength after the first falling. We, and those that are coming after us, are blessed with technological miracles that have broaden our horizons and changed our general perspective about others.

Then, why people still fear one another and seek for approval in the silence? Why sometimes do they feel more inaccessible to those they care the most? And why do they Panic more easily at each tough occasion?

Those questions I am trying to answer, myself. But how?

4 thoughts on “Fearless in the joy

  1. ok, this is my answer: technological miracles and broaden horizons don’t change the fact that people have subconscious believes and convictions which make them think what they think. We are somehow programmed on subconscious level and any change in behaviour or thinking can come only through going inside and working on it from inside. If you are interested I can recommend the books of Eckhart Tolle – he explains it very well 🙂


    1. I appreciate your comment very much. Humans, during each period of time and geographical place, at least the majority, tend to follow general “rules” that end up to subconscious reactions. But, in my opinion, that happens mostly with adults. Children react with less overthinking and more fantasy, despite their daily life and routine, when it happens. I may take a look to the author that you suggested! 🙂

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