Thinking generously

Have you ever thought about that period of time that you may have found yourself in a tough position, wishing you were lost in a bad dream and somebody is gonna wake you up? And eventually, your wish came true and now, you have almost left every piece of it back to the past.

Until another demanding occasion might knock on you door and a similar scenario could appear on your life cinema, that white screen that displays your most colourful moments


Now take a moment back and think.  Did you approach with the appropriate respect and generosity the fact that you survived, sometimes mentally or physically or could be even both affected.  Nobody has the strength, the spirit or, being lucky enough, the chances that might have been offered to you. You don’t need only to feel proud at that time but embrace it when it is possible. We, people, usually forget to remind ourselves how we end up where we are, feel generous and learn from our mistakes. Generous about a present we fight voluntarily  in order to enjoy now. Ourselves. Don’t forget it.

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