Together at a distance (chit chat away)

First approach. No glimpse, just a shy “Hello, my name is…”. Noone can guess how this could be changed and followed. Shake your hands, smile for a while and maybe catch up again in the process of the night.
Wait! Did you meet in the morning or it was time for lunch?
Feel bad when I can not remember those tiny details. In other instances, regardless the period of time that might has passed, memories come back and all of sudden, my partial history, rewinded, plays back again.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the time I met you dear!
It took some months, several messages and friendly discussions to dive into your ego.
Until the day.


Since, we’ve been living with each other online messages, sent photographs, Skype calls in the night, trying to decipher our daily routine whatsoever. And it’s been a long time until now, the time I came back, you left for a while. Changing seats, following similar roles. But we kept that “Together at a distance”. For how long… let our fantasy choose for us.

(My first attempt to Daily Prompt)

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